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Bargaining for a digital camera in Malaysia.
Ben van Wijnen

When you leave the Komtar...


You're frightened; you don't dare. You're a tourist in Malaysia. How do you bargain? How do you start the bargaining in a shop, where prices are fixed with a sticker!
Well, actually, it's very easy!

For example: you want to buy a digital camera. Because the latest camera's are for sale in Malaysia. One month sooner than in Europe or Australia. 
I walk into the Photoshop and point the latest Fuji camera. You ask the sales assistant, if you can have a look, and the assistant takes it from the shelf.  On the camera is a sticker: 1450 RM.
No matter what the price sticker indicates, ask the sales assistant, "HOW MUCH!".
He will immediately take out his pocket calculator, punch it a few times and show you a figure: 1250 RM ..... and that STARTS the bargaining process.
Tell him that the price is too high or that you don't like the price.  You don't like the price. You take the calculator and you punch another figure. For example: 1050 RM. 
Try it, it is fun and I assure you all our shop assistants have a great sense of humour. 
If you don't succeed in buying the camera you have at least sharpened your skills.

The picture below is showing a Fuji X-S1 and above you see the Merry Photoshop near the Komtar building on Penang!




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