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  The circuit

  • The first Grand Prix
    The Sepang circuit staged its first F1 race in 1999, and proved to be a popular track with the drivers. The debut race will always be remembered for a controversial Ferrari disqualification, when Irvine and Schumacher finished 1st and 2nd, only to have their points taken away over a disagreement about the size of the F399's bargeboards. The points were eventually reinstated after an FIA hearing in Paris, just prior to the final race of the 1999 world championship. 

  • The circuit
    The circuit is 5.5 Km and the total 56 lap race is 310 Km. The track has almost no gradients and includes two very long straights where speeds are in excess of 180 mph. The track is known as a car breaker and any car with a reliability problem will most probably not see the end of this race.
    There are many places for overtaking on this circuit and this often leads to very compelling racing.
    The facilities at this circuit are superb, the racing is normally excellent and the weather gives an element of unpredictability, altogether not a race to miss.

  • Spectators
    The first Malaysian Grand Prix attracted 78,000 spectators and an estimated television audience of 600 million, and earned Malaysia more than $130 million. The second Malaysian Grand Prix, on the other hand, lost them $4 million and, unfortunately, sales of tickets for this year's event have been sluggish even more 

  • Location
    The Sepang Circuit is located about 60km from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and about 15km from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The circuit is linked to the city & the airport with an excellent highway system. Travelling by road on the expressway will approximately takes about 40 minutes from the city to the circuit. Street signs are clearly visible on the highway, though can be very confusing at times.The Sepang Circuit is the most spectacular race circuit in the Eastern hemisphere. Built at a cost of US$120 million, the Sepang Circuit was fully completed in November 1998. With the first racing event taking place on the 12th December. The circuit actually consist of one circuit within another. The main race track being 5.542km & the other option being 2.805km. Some of the most spectacular features of the circuit are the smooth & sweeping chicane capable of negotiating at speeds in excess of 200kph. The fastest part of the circuit is the straight between T15 and T1 or usually known as the home straight. Capable clocking speed here would be scorching at about 350kph. Ear plugs would be an asset if spectating from this part of the main stands. The pits consist of many spectacular features such as built-in team office & conference area with the latest hi-tech gizmo.

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