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Escape Theme Park
Ben van Wijnen

"I've go to Escape Theme Park Penang with my friends and we had such a great memories there. The staff are so nice and friendly as the whole park is safe and there were a lot of activities to do. It's very suitable for people who love playing adventure kind of game. And of course the most exciting part is when we're got a chance to ride the longest slide 1km. We're sure gonna go there again next time. Everything is just worth it!!"


Sometimes it's time to leave the busy life of the city behind you. Or you're lazing in the garden or on the beach and you'll find it time for something exciting to do. Well, then it's time to take the bus  to Teluk Bahang (bus 101) and there, close to Butterfly Farm and the water reservoir, is something exciting going on. The name? Escape Theme Park.
It's a theme park with the theme "the jungle and the village." The site is 7 acres and is therefore widely set. The site belongs to the water company and is the latest tourist attraction. At the opening in December 2012 it was not ready at all.
It's a family theme park with exciting and challenging activities that promote wellness in the great outdoors. It’s a place where no one is too old or too young to have fun!

  The hero of the park is Atan. A person that looks like and behaves  Tarzan. If you like, you can swing from tree to tree like a monkey, leap like Atan, go ape on the rope walks, bounce down slopes on tubby racers, become a cave explorer, and you can even get pan for gold treasure.


It’s a world class tourism destination, where you rub shoulders with everyone. And yet all your experiences will be unique. At the attraction "Atan's Leap", you'll become like Atan and jump through the air. A free fall adventure from 13m or 30m which safely and repeatedly controls the descent of a person from the tower structure. Users make a rapid descent but land gently. The featherbed landing secure in the knowledge that the safety procedures are second to none.
Or experience the excitement of a thrilling, fast descent of a hill with a "tube" and create a feathery safe landing in the knowledge that here also all safety procedures observed.   A gravity ride in which the participant sits in a Tubby tube and enjoys a ride through a twisting and turning journey through the landscape. Single Tubby tubes can be used or can be linked together for a family to experience the thrill together.
At the attraction Monkey Business you'll learn to climb like a professional and perfect your balancing skills on this challenging rope course. There are three levels for you to try and it’s suitable for monkeys of all ages as well as for team building.
An activity that takes the participant back to the fun days of being a child.
Tree climbing can be done individually to enjoy the great view or friends can challenge each other to a race to the top.
An auto-belay system is used to ensure the safety of the user should they lose their grip or wish to abort the climb.

Climbing trees will bring out the young ape in you! You can climb quietly and enjoy the view as you go or friends can race each other to the top. This activity is for all ages – and the auto-belay harness ensures your safety at all times.

The attraction the "Gecko Tower", you'll become as sticky footed as a gecko on this climbing tower. You choose your own path to the top, safe in the knowledge that there is an auto-belay system in case your gecko feet lose their grip! There's a set of climbing towers where participants can choose their path to reach the top of the obstacle.

At the "Zoom Bug"  it’s always fun to go-cart and this one is human-powered which adds to the challenge! You can race or just have fun going fast and making hi-speed turns on this highly manoeuvrable ride. Note to parents: it’s very addictive! The fun human-powered cart can be used individually or in organised races. Working on a flat and level surface, oscillating the handlebars produces forward motion and exciting tight turns can be made with this highly manoeuvrable ride.

The "Foxy Burrow" caves are exciting – and this themed one even more so. Experience the excitement of exploring within a themed cave environment. Adventurers follow a path that involves climbing over rocks, squeezing through gaps and ducking under obstacles with the knowledge that their safety equipment protects them from any danger to complete this caving adventure!

The attraction "Tots Trail" you feel, if you’re a young child you will love practising your climbing, crawling and balancing skills in this multi-activity play structure. A multi-activity play structure for the younger child. A combination of skills are required to successfully complete the activities.

In the "Discovery Dig" you'll get a pan for treasure in this activity which takes you back to the early days of Malaysia’s mining history. You will need to bring out the secret prospector within you to find hidden gems and ‘gold’. It's a mining activity to inspire the explorer in the visitor. Fun treasures are ‘hidden’ in sand, soil and streams and the individual or teams are challenged to ‘prospect’ for gems and ‘gold’ by panning and digging.

Tattoo, here you can get a funny tattoo. Don’t worry, they’re not permanent and will fade in a week. Our experienced tattoo artist will spray the tattoo of your choice onto you.

Adults (13 - 60): RM60
Children (4 - 12): RM45
60+ : RM45
Opening Hours: 09.00 - 18.00



   Ben van Wijnen


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