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Diving is a great activity for us (kids): the benefits of diving for kids are countless. We thus build self-confidence and develop through diving with respect for life under water. You have to work well together and don't forget: going out and exploring is a great adventure! We see colorful fish among the coral and..., if we are lucky, we encounter a sea turtle. The foundation is being laid for a lifelong commitment to protecting our oceans.

If you want to dive, Malaysia is an Eldorado. You can choose what you want and where. Do you want to dive to wrecks, coral or beautiful fish? Would you like to swim with sea turtles, manatees or a tiger shark? Everything is possible in Malaysia. There are even kids scuba clubs. You must be 8 years old.
For the little ones there is the Bubblemaker course at a PADI diving school. Bubblemaker is a course especially designed to introduce kids to diving. They don't need any prior experience - just a bathing suit and a sense of adventure! All good dive centers will take care of the rest. But let's start at the beginning. Can you already dive or do you want to learn?
You will find diving schools almost everywhere on the islands around Malaysia, where you can take the first dive in the warm water. Sometimes in a swimming pool, but much more often in the seawater near the beach. You just walk into the sea with your material! In the clear water, your diving instructor can see if you are performing the exercises correctly.

If you make rapid progress here, continue with your PADI Instructor or Divemaster. He will probably go with you to a coral reef near the coast. This is your first real dive and it can be very exciting. In the warm water the fish is colorful and many exotic fish hide among the colorful coral. It is recommended to learn to dive in tropical waters, where you only have colorful and special tropical fish around you. One of the things divers love about the underwater world is that you never know what you'll find. You never see the exact same fish, and the experience is different every dive.
Getting your PADI certification while on vacation is an amazing experience, and can really enrich your vacation. PADI is the most well-known diving organization that you will find all over the world, including in Malaysia. Many people therefore want to get their 'PADI', which is no more than your diving license (diploma).
Very important while diving is that you are calm and breathe calmly. Especially when you have yet to learn to dive and you may still be a bit tense the first time, this can be difficult. When you breathe calmly and calmly, you use less oxygen from your tank (and can dive longer), and that increases the pleasure of your dive. With diving you don't have to go swimming like crazy. You don't even have to use your arms and an occasional slow stroke with your fins is often enough. If you breathe in and out slowly, there is also a small chance that you will panic.
Of course you want to know where you can dive. People with a lot of money go diving at Sabah (Borneo). You must also be an experienced diver. On the east side of Sabah are beautiful diving islands, such as Mabul and Sipadan. These islands rise like a pillar from the sea and all around they find all kinds of beautiful fish, turtles and even sharks.

However, if you are a novice diver, West Malaysia is the best place to visit islands on the east coast, such as Tioman, Perhentian, Sibu, Redang and Lang Tengah. Check it out: Juara at Tioman island. On the west coast you can dive at Langkawi and Pulau Payar. The island of Penang is not suitable, because there are too many boats sailing there and there is polluting industry.
The underwater world is beautiful. An environment where people do not belong, but it is still possible to take a look. When you go diving it's like floating, it's an incredibly cool place with a lot of special life around you. You will also be amazed by all the colors and shapes you see underwater and the crazy effect that everything underwater seems further away than it is. Diving should really be on your bucket list, if it hasn't been on it for a long time of course.
A list of what/where:


Ship Wrecks: Tioman, Pulau Aur, Labuan and some more
Colorful fish: anywhere
Beautiful Corals: Pulau Payar, Tioman and many more islands
Zeekoeien: Pulau Mantanani, if you're lucky......
Sea Turtles: at the Perhentian islands and many more
Whale Shark: In November along the coast at Tioman, but then you have to be lucky; they migrate from the north to the south.

A "try dive" is literally a test dive, if you want to dive it once. You get a little bit of theory and you do 3 exercises in the water before making the first dive. If you opt for your open water certificate directly, you will be working on theory for 3 to 4 days and 5 dives in total. You will then be in possession of your diving certification with a PADI.

At the island of Redang Taaras Beach & Spa Resort offers a Bubblemaker course. Have a look at the hotel and click here.
Bubbles has a diving center on Perhentian Besar Island and from the age of eight or nine, children can take a Bubble Maker course, especially designed to introduce children to diving. They need no experience, start from the beach and stay close to shore with a dive instructor. How deep they can go depends on their age.






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