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Hello Kitty

Hello, my name is Kitty. Actually my name is Kitty White. In here Malaysia I have my own town. I was born in Japan but live just outside London with my twin sister Mimmy and my parents George and Mary. I have my own cat named Charmmy Kitty. I am not a cat, but a little girl who looks like a cat. I want to be your girlfriend. Like my cat, I never walk on all fours.
Although the faces of me and Charmmy Kitty are the same, Charmmy Kitty does walk on all fours and wears no clothes. I always have a bow in my hair on my left ear and prefer to wear blue overalls with a yellow shirt on it, because I like that. Sometimes I play piano, tennis or bake cookies. I just want to be friends with everyone because that makes people happy. That is why I am loved by young and old. Many consider me a favorite, but beware, I can also be naughty, you know!

The entrance to Hello Kitty Town

When you visit Hello Kitty Town, you especially get the chance to explore the world of Kitty and immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings of the Kitty House. The whole park is decorated in sweet pink tones. The Hello Kitty house has a perfect living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even a huge wardrobe.
When you enter the bedroom you can't take your eyes off that big wardrobe. It is full of beautiful dresses from Kitty and beautiful bags and shoes. Pretty much everything is in pink and it looks like candies.
Just a few minutes away from Legoland Malaysia, another new amusement park recently opened, Puteri Harbor Theme Park, and that is in Nusajaya. This is a rapidly developing neighbourhood in Johor Bahru, adjacent to the new marina and overlooking Singapore across the Strait of Johor. It is "Hello Kitty"'s first Theme Park outside of Japan.

It is a four story indoor interactive theme park. The advantage of such an indoor (covered) Theme Park is that it is cool for visitors. The park includes Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, The Little Big Club and a themed restaurant attraction called Lat's Place. This restaurant is inspired by the funny world of Lat, a famous cartoon character in Malaysia. Here you are in the middle of the adventures of "Lat the Kampung Boy".

The theme park  is really meant for younger kids let's say up to 8 - 10 years.
Puteri Harbor Theme Park is in a modern building, which resembles a shopping center or an office complex. A sign outside tells us that this building is called 'Little Red Cube'. Part of this complex is still unfinished, but more shops and restaurants will no doubt open in the coming months.

On the ground floor of the complex is a large merchandise shop called the 'Red Bow Cafe'. The cash registers are also located in this room. Sells in the store mainly souvenirs from Hello Kitty, Pingu, Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina and Thomas the Tank Engine.



The escalators take you to the first floor, where "Hello Kitty Town" is located (see photo above). The escalators continue to the second and third floors, where the "Little Big Club" is located.

Hello Kitty Town
The main attraction here is "Black Wonder", an interactive experience, where children can help find Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, who both have been kidnapped. The (beautiful) large 'Kitty's House' is the home of Hello Kitty, complete with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The Hello Kitty House is amazing. If you are a fan of Hello Kitty you must visit her house - her house. You can admire everything here, from her piano, her kitchen, her bed, her bathtub, to her walk-in closet. You will love everything.
There is also an "indoor" playground on this floor. You can also take a ride in the Teacups and there is a stage stage, where Hello Kitty appears in shows and other presentations.
The children can also play with "Hello Kitty" in the picture and you can also meet the other Sanrio characters.

The show of "Hello Kitty"

The Little Big Club
The second floor features Pingu, Barney, Bob the Builder and Angelina Ballerina activities, while the third floor (also part of Little Big Club) is dedicated to Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends.
Attractions on the 2nd floor include Pingu's Igloo (where there isn't much going on apart from Street Basket Ball and Basket Bowling machines),  Angelina's Dance Studio (where children photo opportunities with Angelina Ballerina), Barney's Playhouse and a Bob the Builder Play Structure.
There is a stage for mini shows and you have a chance to meet the Little Big Club characters.
On the third floor is Thomas the Tank Engine.  Here are some kid friendly rides like the Windmill Ride, Colin Crane Drop Ride, Harold Helicopter ride, Bertie the Bus ride, bumper cars and a ride with Thomas the Tank Engine.
It is ideal for toddlers and they can fully enjoy everything here.

It is a lot of fun when you visit this park with your children, because all the attractions are usually suitable for children. It is also a nice place to take pictures. You can buy lots of nice Sanrio Hello Kitty souvenirs and there are a few activities for kids to do. Kids will definitely have a good time there.


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