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Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World Tambun is one of the best theme parks in Malaysia and best for family or friends outings. The water park is quite large with a few thrilling rides and the hot springs. The park also has a mini zoo (tiger, snakes, ...) and a miniature theme park (merry-go-round, train ride, ...). Both us and adults can enjoy this. I enjoyed the warm pool, which is connected to the Tambun hot springs.
If you are here with your parents, this is the perfect place! They will love the rides, slides and the petting zoo is specially designed with your parents in mind.

"Our 3 year old loved the pirate themed water park. There are also larger play areas and activities for older children. There is a small zoo on site which was a nice surprise. The animals seemed fairly well cared for. There is also a hot spring and spa, which we did not go to. So we couldn't comment on it. What I liked the most was the background with limestone hills."

Wonderful, a day of rest during your tour. Ipoh is a nice city in Malaysia and a beautiful city with beautiful temples and for us: The Lost World of Tambun. This is a water park, amusement park, animal park (with a petting zoo. So you need to bring your swimsuit.
For mom and dad there are the hot springs. You have to watch out because it can be hot. Sometimes too hot. They have a temperature of 36 to 44 degrees. They say they are healing springs of water, but whether that is true.....
The park is next to it. Some pillars and animals are made with stones from these mountains. The scenery is truly spectacular. The lush limestone rocks rise up everywhere and it seems as if you are lost in Jumangi.
But the most fun is the water park. Have fun playing in the warm water. There is a large wave pool and sand to play with. There are shelters to escape the sun and of course waves to play in. Another popular attraction is Southeast Asia's longest lazy river, a relaxing way to enjoy that breathtaking scenery as you float around on an inner tube.
There are also 6 water slides to enjoy. There are four tube slides, which are perfect for everyone. These four all require two people, so it can be tricky when you're alone.
There is a water play area with bucket, which tip over from time to time. There are also small slides, a pirate ship and water cannons.

The Lost World of Tambun is located near the city of Ipoh, about a 2-hour drive from the capital Kuala Lumpur. It is a theme park like no other. The park is located at the foot of an ancient limestone hill and the theme park is actually surrounded by this hill, which is 400 million years old.
Considered more like a nature park, Lost World of Tambun offers visitors fun water park attractions, medicinal hot springs, exciting animal encounters, and much more. Whether day or night, there is something for everyone!
You have to pay a little extra for the zip line, which goes over the lake. With this you float over the lake on a cable. That's a bit scary. There are also pedal boats on the lake.
You can also join a caving expedition to the Sixth Mile Tunnel, a cavern high in the limestone cliffs of the Lost World of Tambun. You will be given helmets, headlamps and long clothes. Once inside the cave there is cool air which is a welcome change and there are several cave rooms. A guide explains how it was used during WWII.

The amusement park is an old part of the park, because the rides are outdated. They do have a fantastic roller coaster, swings and a swinging pirate ship. One of the nicest attractions is the haunted house: the Haunted Mansion. You have to pay extra for this. This is a bit scary. As you walk through the house and encounter a Malay ghost, real actors chase you.

The limestone rocks of the Tambun Valley were formed over 400 million years ago. It is these rocks that make the Lost World of Tambun so beautiful. At the back of the park is a unique limestone peak that goes up, it is called "the needle". This is one of my favorite places in the park as it is a peaceful place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.






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