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"I planted my feet on the wet rocks, the water poured down my legs, slowly released the rope and slid down step by step. It seemed to take forever to get to the bottom and at one point I slipped, grabbed the rope with both hands and scrambled to find my feet. When I finally got down, I was greeted with high fives. "Rappelling" was successful. It was my first waterfall!
I am still impressed with myself as I slowly and carefully descend the waterfall!"

Rappelling down waterfalls, also known as canyoning, is a great activity. If you're not a seasoned extreme athlete, don't worry. You don't need to have any experience and it's quite affordable.
Abseiling is a popular sport in the tropics. The water is wonderfully cool; not cold. You get wet from the splashing water. You are well leashed and you slowly descend from the 15 meter high waterfall. It is not intended to be done quickly. Abseiling is a bit more difficult than it looks and it takes some getting used to. Beforehand you will receive a demonstration, in which the instructor will show you how to abseil with wide spread legs, slightly bent knees and a curved spine.
The water falls with great speed from a height of 15 meters. Follow the instructions of the supervisors carefully. They are friendly and knowledgeable. They take good care of you.
Where can you do this in Malaysia? Along the highway from Kuala Lumpur to Penang/Ipoh. It is located near the town of Gopeng. In addition to abseiling from a waterfall, you can also do white water rafting here. Find out more about this at this page <klik>. We stay mostly in Kampar or Ipoh.

Rafting in the Kampar Rivier


The main attraction of the region is the white water rafting. You will experience a thrilling 1.5 - 2 hours of river rafting through the rapids of the Kampar River. Depending on the weather conditions, the water can be rougher. Children must be 12 years old and able to swim well. You will be informed about the safety rules and how it works on the rubber boat by trained instructors.
All participants will receive a PDF (Personal Floatation Device = life jacket). Should you get into the water, a PDF will keep you upright in the water.
Gopeng is actually the name of the largest city, closest to where the white water rafting river is located. The departure point for the white water rafting is in Ulu Geruntum, which is about 20 minutes away. And the name of the white water rafting river is actually Sungai Kampar or Kampar river.

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Rock Climbing

If you are looking for exercise, fun and a healthy dose of adrenaline, rock climbing is a worthy sport for you. Although rock climbing attracts daredevils, it is also practiced by countless sporty people. If you are reasonably fit and have the right materials and knowledge, you too can become a real mountain goat.

Rock climbing is not something you just do. That takes practice. You start in the Netherlands in an indoor climbing gym. There are dozens of climbing halls available. They all have climbing routes of varying difficulty and all routes have artificial hand and foot grips. The routes are adjusted once in a while, so that you can always discover fresh routes. an indoor climbing gym offers many advantages: it is an easily accessible place to practice and you are not dependent on the weather. You can often climb during the whole day and in the halls you can often rent climbing equipment for a reasonable amount.

When climbing outdoors, the rope is anchored at one point at the top of the route. Everything is done under the guidance of a certified instructor. You choose the route up via the rope, which is held taut at the bottom by your climbing partner. The term for the person holding the rope is very important, because he will belay you should you fall. Steep wall climbing is possible near Gua Musang and at the island of Pulau Berhala.



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