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"Amazing park filled with different kinds of stunning birds, nocturnal animals and some larger animals like ostriches and deer. Feeding the animals was a wonderful experience, and you can feed most of them except for the ones which are on a special diet, so buy some feed and enjoy that experience."

At the opening in 2002 the park featured mainly aviaries with different species of birds. However, with addition of many mammals, reptiles and other animals, it has renamed itself to Langkawi Wildlife Park. The park is about ten minutes from Kuah, situated nearby the foothills of Gunung Raya. The complex is also known as the Taman Burung Langkawi or Langkawi Wildlife Park. Within the park is a cool souvenir store selling bird-themed knick-knacks.
You will find over 150 different species of animals and birds from different parts of the world: South East Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Russia and of course most birds and animals come from Malaysia. However do not expect the big exotic species like the tigers or leopards. The Langkawi Wildlife Park keeps species which are not difficult to maintain.

There are two things that the wildlife park boasts of:

  1. It is a fully covered wildlife park and the first such park in Asia. It has roofed and covered walkways all the way from the entry to exit so that be it rain or shine, you can always enjoy the park and its exhibits.

  2. There  is a close interaction with the birds and animals. There are feeding sessions for the various animals and birds. The visitors can actually feed most of the birds and animals here by hand.
    Although the park may appear like a zoo, this activity makes the entire journey quite exciting to the children and families. You can buy assorted food bags at a small price. The bag contains food for animals and birds. There are boards next to each exhibit clearly stating what kind of food is allowed for a bird or an animal.



There is an on-site restaurant called Brahminy Kite Cafe that serves snacks and full meals. Some of the popular dishes here includes Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Sandwich etc all of which come with fruits & coffee. Some of the shopping outlets in the complex includes The Zon Duty Free, Batik Shop, Wax Art, TTT Handicraft, Digi Photo, Crystal Gallery etc.

Feeding & Fun Times at Langkawi Wildlife Park
Some animals and birds can be fed only at specific times and not all day. There is also an Animal Talk Show that takes place at specific times of the day. Note the following schedules:

  • Animal Talk Show (Next to the aviary section): Daily at 11am and 3pm

  • Feeding time for Love Birds (Budgerigars): Daily 9am - 10am, and 5pm - 7pm

  • Amazon Arapaima feeding: Daily at 10:30am only

  • Crocodile Feeding: On Tuesday & Saturday at 11:30am

  • Other animals can be fed at any time


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Opening Hours

Open daily from 8.30 am until 6.00 pm (ticket sold till 6.00 pm.)
Park will close for visitors at the latest by 7.30 pm.
Upon prior request we can open our doors earlier or close later for you convenience via a call or in writing for tour groups.

Admission (Published Rate)

Rate (RM) Adult Child
Published RM 28 RM 18
Mykad Holders RM 15 RM 10
Student Rate ** RM 10 (Secondary) RM   8 ( Primary)
**School groups must come with legit official letters thus it can be properly accorded & given accordingly

Open Hours
Open Daily from 8:30am - 6:00pm
Note that tickets are sold up to 6pm. The park closes at 7:30pm.

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