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Pangkor Jungle Trekking
Ben van Wijnen


You do jungle trek trekking on Pangkor to the highest point of the island: Bukit Pangkor (330m altitude). Through the years I have rarely heard of people who do this draw. It is unclear why, but I suspect it is because they want to enjoy the beaches of Pangkor. The jungle of Pangkor has been on my program for a while. I usually go alone. And so it was this time.
Upon arrival in Pangkor I took a taxi to the beginning of the jungle trek at the new incinerator at the northeastern point of Pangkor. The first 50 meters as paved, but not to my pleasure. The concrete is smooth with algae and mosses. Fortunately, it is then a real jungle path.
I started walking. Soon the sounds of "civilization" were behind me and what was left was the sound of the jungle. I saw many wild boar trails, not older than a few hours.

The beginning of the trekking


After a few hundred meters the first resting place was visible, but I did not use it. If this is your first draw, you probably want to have a few minutes of rest.
The path went up completely. To my surprise, I found some markings.

There are several of these markings and they will lead you safely to Bukit Pangkor, the top of the highest hill on Pangkor. After about 1.5 km you come to a junction. To the left of you the path begins to descend. To go to Bukit Pangkor, go right and keep going steeply for a while. There is a marker stone.
In fact, once you are at the top, which takes about 1 hour (from the incinerator), uphill, you have had the easiest part of the jungle trek at Pangkor. That is, if you decide to follow the trek to Pasir Bogak, which I recommend.

On top of Bukit Pangkor there are a few smaller paths that go down. I did not take this, I took the same road down to the intersection. Here I took the path down to Pasir Bogak. Do not think now that it's all done. In fact, it is still more than 4 km walking to Pasir Bogak.
You might expect that it is easier from here. In the beginning it is a nice walk, you get your breath back. After 300 meters you get your first challenge. Here is a resting place, but the path is not clear. Once you sit and rest, you see the path right in front of you, it turns from the path you came from, right to the right and ... up hill!

After reaching the summit it is actually more of a step, you will encounter more obstacles along the way. Pay attention to where you are going, that you do not slip away.

Although most of the path goes down from here, it is far from simple. With no more than about 1.5 km (to the beach) to go, you come to a point where the path seems to stop. There is some mud and a little water.
To the left of you there is a steep hill, where a path seems to be. But with this path you go back to the center of Pangkor and deep into the jungle and the hills. DO NOT DO THAT. Going uphill, I tried, but that is not the solution.
The paths are man-made, so they will always try to find the easiest way.
This slope sandy, smooth and very difficult. So I walked back a bit, just before a muddy pool and there I saw it: on my right hand side on the other side of a landslide, the path continued. Now I knew where to go, I had to find a way to get there without any risk.

Going straight is impossible and on the right side there were relics of landslides. Where do you need to go?
Just after the muddy pool, no more than a few meters, I could pass the landslide safely and make my way through the jungle, after about 15 meters I was back on track.
On this part of the jungle-trekking at Pangkor there are no more markings, you have to follow the main trail and do not leave it !!!
Just at the edge of the forest reserve you will find clutter of people's visits. It is an ugly face. Local residents, most likely poachers on wild boar, leave their mess behind. It was the only mess I found on the whole trekking.
At various points the path was blocked by the jungle. Not many people come here. It was a moderate descent, but the worst was yet to come. The last few hundred meters went down steeply. At a certain point I could see Pasir Bogak.
Now the path went north and led me to the suspension bridge, from where I could easily walk back to the beach. The trip had cost me 4 hours.

The Jungle


Busses or boat to Pangkor 




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