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Ben van Wijnen


A tour around the island

The east coast of the island faces the mainland and is a long stretch of villages, including Sungai Pinang Kecil (SPK), Sungai Pinang Besar (SPB) and Pangkor Town, the main village of the island.
The road, which runs along the east coast of the island, turns to the west in Pangkor Town. It crosses the island to one of the most famous beaches on the west coast of the island, Pasir Bogak (about 2 km from Pangkor Town).
From Pasir Bogak the road leads north to the village of Teluk Nipah, where most budget accommodation can be found. It then goes to the north end of the island, past the airport to a location where the Pangkor Pan Pacific Hotel is located. This is the location of the famous Golden Sand Bay (Pantai Puteri Dewi) in Teluk Belanga. Next to Teluk Belanga lies Teluk Dalam where the third Pier (Pan Pacific Jetty) is located on the island of Pangkor. This pier is exclusively for guests of the Pangkor Pan Pacific Hotel.
After Teluk Dalam the road turns east and eventually comes back together with the road on the east coast in Sungai Pinang Kecil, a complete round is finished. Besides the aforementioned simple ring road, there is only one branch in Pangkor Town, where the road runs south to Teluk Gedung and Teluk Baharu. In Teluk Gedung is the 17th-century Dutch fortress "Dingdingh" and the Batu Bersurat (the gravened rock).

Boat to Pangkor


The town with the most activities is probably your arrival point, Kampung Sungai Pinang Kecil. The fishing industry sends its products to this place and the much-needed products from the mainland are brought to land.
The inhabited areas on Pangkor look exciting. Narrow streets with little car traffic. It is dominated by two-wheelers. Walk through the villages to enjoy some snacks and sights. Visit the fish factories, which produce dried cuttlefish, anchovies, satay fish and dried shrimps. The mystique of a beautiful fishing village has always fascinated tourists around the world. Near the Pulau Pangkor jetty is the main village with a wide variety of fresh and dried fish and souvenirs made from shells and local materials.

Do not forget to visit the village of Sungai Pinang Besar. This village is popular for the construction of boats and their repair.
Further on the island lies Teluk Nipah, which is becoming increasingly popular. Accomodations here have a lot to offer from the middle to the lower budgets. It can be a bit disappointing for those who had a slightly more luxurious island outing in mind. Chalets, restaurants and motels lie along the streets and even the small alleys and during high season it is full of tourists. The main road is between the beach and the motels and chalets, so do not expect chalets on the beach.
Just off the main street, at the end of the streets, the boundary of the forest reserve. In the evening, if you are lucky, you can witness a number of hornbills. You can also see how the locals feed them with bread or papaya. They are always wary, but these hornbills seem to think that there is a certain safety.
From the beach you can also take a short boat trip to the nearby islands. This is pre-eminently the area for snorkelling at Pulau Giam and Pulau Mentaggor. You can also rent kayaks for a paddle trip to these islands. Teluk Nipah is a popular local seaside resort. It can be very busy at weekends and on public holidays, but the beaches are almost empty during the week. A wide range of sun and water activities can be done here, such as banana boating, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling.


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