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From Singapore to KL
by bus
Ben van Wijnen

"Taking a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is an easy, inexpensive alternative to flying. Locals who cross back and forth frequently for business often prefer to go by bus.Although changing countries by bus sounds potentially daunting, these buses aren't exactly rattletraps, and the highway is well maintained. Going overland to Kuala Lumpur is actually less hassle than dealing with airports and the stress of making such a short flight."

From Singapore
There are many express bus services from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Among them, few of the famous and popular express bus operators like Grassland, Aeroline and First Coach offer almost hourly trip between Singapore and KL. Most of the bus operators will depart at Golden Mile Complex. But they are some operators which depart at other location like Key Point (Golden Coach), Harbour Front (Aeroline), Katong V (KKKL), Novena (First Coach), Boon Lay Shopping Centre (Grassland, Konsortium and others) and many more.
The schedule:


Departure Time


 Kuala Lumpur 06.00, 06.30,
07.30, 07.45,
08.00, 08.30,
09.00, 09.15, 09.45,
10.30, 10.45,
11.00, 11.30,
12.00, 12.30,
13.00, 13.30,
14.00, 14.30,
15.00, 15.30,
16.00, 16.30
17.00, 17.15, 17.30,
19.00, 19.30
20.00, 20.30
21.00, 21.30, 21.45,
22.00, 22.30,
23.00, 23.30, 23.59

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Kuala Lumpur
For the arrival location in Kuala Lumpur, most coach will call off at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), the new express bus integrated terminal in Malaysia. Some coaches will alight passengers at other location like Grassland is from Singapore to KL Berjaya Times Square, Golden Coach is from Singapore to KL Pudu Raya, First Coach is from Singapore to KL Bangsar, and KL 1 Utama Shopping Centre, KKKL is from Singapore to KL Chinatown (Petaling Street) and Odyssey is from Singapore to KL Mont Kiara.

The Standard buses are air-conditioned 42 seaters. Next up will take you up to Business Class, usually 24-25 seaters and the best bits will be The Super VIPS seating 21-24 with WC, snacks running non-stop. These are the NICE buses from Plusliner.
I'd go for the Super VIPS.

Larkin bus terminal in Johor Bahru

From Johor Bahru
There are two ways to travel to Kuala Lumpur by bus: from Johor Bahru and from Singapore. Singapore is more expensive and there are daily not so much busses departing for Kuala Lumpur.
If you're arriving at Changi Airport, there's a MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Terminal 2. It's easy to travel through Singapore by MRT.
Take the MRT from Changi Airport (EW29) to Kranfi (NS7). You'll have to change trains at Jurong East (EW24/NS1). You don't have to walk any stairs; just wait at the platform for the next MRT.
At Kranji MRT is a bus stop. You'll take bus nr 170, which will take you to Larkin Bus Station Johor Bahru.
When the bus arrives at the Woodlands Checkpoint (passport control), you have to get out of the bus with your luggage. Keep your bus ticket, you'll need it for the next bus to Larkin. You don't have to hurry, because buses to Larkin are going all day.
At Larkin you'll take the bus to KL.


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0kmPasir Gudang (Route 3 to Kota Tinggi)
1kmPasir Gudang (256)
7kmKempas (255)
13kmSkudai (Route 1 to Johor Bahru) (254)
15kmSkudai (Link to 2nd Crossing)
28kmKulai (252)
33kmKulai - Up & Down
41kmSedenak (250)
54kmSimpang Renggam - Up & Down
59kmSimpang Renggam (247)
72kmMachap (245)
74kmMachap RSA - Down
75kmMachap RSA - Up
80kmAyer Hitam (244)
94kmYong Peng - Selatan (242)
99kmYong Peng - Utara (241)
105kmYong Peng - Down
108kmYong Peng - Up
135kmPagoh RSA- Down
142kmPagoh RSA (238)
146kmPagoh RSA - Up
165kmTangkak - Up & Down
169kmTangkak (235)
184kmKampong Bemban - Down
185kmKampong Bemban - Up
195kmAyer Keroh
205kmAyer Kerah RSA - Down (Ayer Keroh Overhead Restaurant)
210kmAyer Kerah RSA - Up
217kmSimpang Ampat (227)
224kmPedas/ Linggi Vista Point
225kmPedas/ Linggi - Up
230kmPedas/ Linggi  - Down
237kmPedas/ Linggi Vista Point
240kmPedas/ Linggi (223)
248kmSenawang - Down
249kmSenawang - Up
256kmSenawang (220)
259kmPort Dickson
262kmSeremban (218)
272kmSungei Perk RSA - Up
274kmSungei Perak RSA - Down
280kmNilai (215)
283kmNilai North to NSE Central Link
287kmNilai Up & Down
296kmBangi (212)
302kmKajang (210)
304kmUPM (209)
306kmSerdang -Up
308kmSerdang - Down
310kmSungei Besi
320kmKuala Lumpur





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