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Malaysia is a tropical paradise with enormous charm - a real treasure of diverse cultures and hospitable people, exotic dishes, fascinating festivals, quaint villages and the dazzling city of Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the easiest and most family-friendly countries to travel in. There are pristine beaches on tropical islands and pristine rainforests. Malaysia is made up of two separate regions: Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, separated by the South China Sea.

This is the most touristy site of Malaysia.

The site has over 500 English pages about Malaysia.
If you click in the menu (on the left) you'll find the treasure of that region or city. From China Town to Little India!

Why travelling to Malaysia?
1. It's a safe country to travel
2. No pushy salesmen
3. Very reasonable prices for food and hotels

What are the highlights of Malaysia?
1. The cities Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown and Melaka
2. Elephant sanctuary in Kuala Gandah
3. Treasure island Tioman
4. Taman Negara - the oldest jungle on earth
5. China Town and Little India in KL
6. The Petronas Towers and KL-Tower
7. The Cameron Highlands
8. and much more.... discover the site!


More information about biking in KL:

Breathtaking Malaysia
Have you always dreamed of a long journey to a special country? A journey that does not just happen to everyone? A trip to a country with a beautiful nature, beautiful sights and a unique culture? Then a trip to Malaysia can make this dream come true. The country has something to offer for everyone. You can relax and enjoy a carefree holiday with lots of sun, sea and sand. But because of the abundance of beautiful cities, villages and attractions, this country also makes it interesting for the adventurous traveler and backpacker. No matter what destination you have, you will have a top holiday in this special country.

The Malaysian culture
Malaysia is one of the most developed Asian countries. The country is a melting pot of immigrants from China, India and Europe. However, there are large differences between modern large cities and the countryside, but people still live in a traditional way. Because Malaysia is a former British colony, one can also have many Western conveniences in addition to Eastern spheres. The Malaysian population will receive you hospitably, and you will continue to experience this during your stay. Malaysia is home to beautiful sights, from beautiful nature reserves and impressive skyscrapers to temples, parks and museums. When you as a traveler want to see a lot, a tour is the ideal way to discover the country. This way you can alternate the busy Chinatown in Penang with a refreshing dive on one of the many bounty islands. A round trip is not an average trip, but a unique experience that you will not soon forget.

The climate
Malaysia has a tropical climate, with high temperatures and rainfall throughout the year. A trip to Malaysia is therefore a guarantee for warm weather with the associated high humidity. Tropical cyclones can occur in Malaysia in the months from November to April. In these months it is wise to follow the media coverage well and to be well informed about the situation before you travel further. It is also useful to read in advance and prepare for your journey. You will find the necessary tips on this site.


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