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Ben van Wijnen

"Once a mining town that was the capital of Perak from 1875 – 1937, Taiping was also one of the very first cities to be established in Malaysia. Naturally it has many historical buildings, whether built by the British for municipal uses, or built by the different communities in Taiping. Many of these buildings are more than 100 years old and are also Malaysia’s “firsts” to be built. For example, the first railway station, ,the first post office, the first wet market, and more. You don’t have to purposely plan for a Taiping Heritage Trail to see these buildings, because you will inevitably see some of these buildings if you happen to be driving around in Taiping."

The mutton, beef and chicken market.


  1. The old market is located at the commercial area in the center of the city. If you come from the highway, than you can't miss it. There are two markets, which were built separately and separated by the Kota Road. The Old Market was built in 1884 and the New Market in 1885. Both buildings were built with timber pillars, concreted slab and iron roof. These markets are serving two different functions, one as a dry market and the other as a wet market. During the heyday, these markets were stocked with fresh vegetables, fishes and meats, almost everything what is made, is available here.

  2. The Town Rest House is located on Jalan Stesyen. It was once the governor’s residence and built in 1870. This majestic looking edifice accentuates pre-war architecture with Victorian arches. Still existing in the original form since 1870 with no restoration or renovation works done on it. Used to be a rest house for British officers and it is still a remarkable landmark and a comfortable abode for weary travellers. The 139 years old building still functions as part of the boarding facilities in Taiping.

  3. St Louis Church Father Louis Marie Duvelle saw that the Catholic population was increasing In the year 1897. He started a new parish to cater especially for the needs of the Tamil speaking Catholics, thus the formation of St Louis parish. The ST LOUIS CHURCH was built and blessed on 5 November 1899. This building is now being used as the Parish Hall. The present St Louis Church building was erected some 59 years ago in 1938.

  4. The Clock Tower of Taiping is a remarkable landmark building in Taiping. It was almost demolished before it was conserved as an important history of Taiping colorful past.
    The Old Clock Tower of Taiping was built in the year 1881. Originally made of wood, the structure was rebuilt with bricks nine years later, in 1890. The actual building of the Taiping Clock Tower was in the shape of a square fort, part of which has since been demolished. Between 1908 and 1950, the Taiping Clock Tower building was used as the town police station as well as the fire brigade. After that, it was left abandoned until recently, when it was converted into the Taiping Visitor Information Centre.
    Red telephone booth at the entrance is a standard public feature during the British Empire old days.

  5. The Old Saints Church is standing proudly along the lush tree-lined Taming Sari main road. The church is situated in a nostalgic part of the Taiping town.
    The church with its humble timber facade and modest adjacent cemetery and churchyard speak little of its glorious past and significance. The wooden church structure is made of meranti panels with hardwood frames, and a quaint louvered tower with four tubular bells.
    The 120-year-old All Saints Church in Taiping is Federated Malay States’ first Anglican church way back in 1886 (although it was consecrated in 1887), its cemetery is laden with beautifully crafted tombstones of European settlers and young servicemen who did not make it home.
    Perhaps the most striking feature of the church is the stained glass window installed in 1911. Amazingly, the work of art remains intact, “surviving” the war. All Saints is among only a handful of churches that still use the pipe organ – a priceless antique. It is only used on special occasions.

  6. Perak's oldest brick mosque is in Taiping. It was built in 1897, the old Kota Mosque was a Hanafi sect mosque that was used by the Indian Muslim community. Its architecture is unique as it has a six-sided facade. In the early 20th century it was given over to the malay community and called the ‘Malay Mosque’ (Masjid Melayu).

  7. The Government Office Buiding is an imposing Victorian styled block of offices and was officiated in 1898. It portrays a very fine and well-designed architecture. Nowadays, it is the State Council Chambers as well as offices for the State Secretariat, Treasury, Audit, Education and Forest Departments.  The building is also housing the Larut-Matang District Office.

  8. The Taiping museum is under renovation and only a small section is opened to public. The Taiping Museum — the oldest in the country — is a fascinating place to visit with its various artefacts and exhibits. The museum was started in 1883 at the suggestion of Sir Hugh Low, the British Resident of Perak, who initially allotted two rooms in a government building for the exhibits.
    The present building itself is 100 years old, with a library and several galleries to house the following exhibits:

    • History of Larut and Matang

    • Traditional costumes of Perak and Perak Royalty

    • Natural history — animals, birds, insects

    • Local fruits and herbs

    • Culture

    • Aborigines

    • Ceramics

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  Ben van Wijnen


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