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The West Coast

"The West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia (Malay:Pantai Barat Semenanjung Malaysia) includes states which have their coastlines along the Straits of Malacca. This part of the peninsular is more urban and developed than the more Malay, Muslim and rural East Coast. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and the new administrative centre of Putrajaya are located in this region."


The West Coast and East Coast are separated by a high mountain range that runs through Malaysia in length. In the north of the West Coast are the states of Kedah and Perlis. There are separate chapters of these states, which you can find in the menu on the left. These states are totally NOT touristy, but they are really worth a visit. Especially Perlis has a lot to offer. Many hotels do not go beyond 3-stars and there is a varied landscape. Kedah has a lot of paddy fields, lakes and forests to the border of Thailand. The relegion in these two northern states is mainly Islamic.

In the south of the west coast (Johor) the scenery becomes flat and monotonous with palm oil and rubber plantations, until you end up in Singapore.
The West Coast of the peninsular is more urban and developed than Malaysia at the East Coast. As a result, the terms West Coast and East Coast tend to be more than a geographical description of the states.

I have created special chapters about Langkawi, Penang, Perlis, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, because there is so much to tell. Many people ask me the difference between Penang and Langkawi, because both of them are located (close together) on the west coast. The main differences are:

a) Penang is a "Chinese" island, while Langkawi is a "Malay" island.
Penang is more busier than the peaceful Langkawi. The Chinese are much more busy than the Malays. That's why there is more activity in Penang.
Langkawi is quiet. Everything goes into slow pace. Do you want to rest and occasionally do something by yourself, than this is a great island for you.
b) The sea is the second difference.
In Langkawi you can swim in the sea; on Penang just at a few places. Because of the currents and onshore winds on Penang, there's many jellyfish in the sea. We don't like that. Will you admire beautiful fish, then you need to book a tour to go snorkeling or scuba diving at Pulau Payar. This is a coral island that lies between Langkawi and Penang. From both islands, Langkawi and Penang, you can book a tour.

On the West Coast you will find from top to bottom the following states:
  1. Perlis Malaysia's smallest state
  2. Kedah the rice paddy (padi) state, also contains
  3. Penang popular resort island, with the charming capital George Town
  4. Perak once rich in tin
  5. Selangor Malaysia's most populous and developed state
  6. Negeri Sembilan for traditional Minangkabau culture
  7. Melaka for history stretching back to the 15th century
  8. Johor has many palm oil plantations and quiet small islands

There are two Federal Territories: Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya



  Ben van Wijnen


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