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Ben van Wijnen

"The one and only night safari. My children enjoyed it very much. Although overall places was poorly lit but my kids manage to recognize most of the animals. The tram also provided free of charge and will give you a 2.5km all round tour. We even took another round of tram tour. It took about 1/2hr to complete the tour."

Entrance of the Zoo Taiping


The Taiping Zoo is the oldest Zoo in Malaysia. It was established in 1961. It is located in a lovely natural setting in Taiping Lake Gardens close to the foot of the Larut Hill (Maxwell Hill). The beautiful natural setting with streams, lakes and abundance of flora gives the zoo a unique advantage of being able to use nature to its best. 'Taman Mergastua Sultan Idris Shah' or the Taiping Zoo, which is located at the Lake Gardens in Taiping, is the only Zoo in the North of Peninsular Malaysia.
It is one of the major zoological parks in Malaysia. It covers 34 acres (14 ha) and exhibits 1300 animals representing 180 species of amphibians, mammals, and reptiles. It also has a night safari. As the only zoo in North Malaysia, it tends to receive a large amount of visitors. It houses the largest number of stump-tailed macaques in Malaysia, which is thirteen, compared to six at the National Zoo of Malaysia (Zoo Negara) and five at the Malacca Zoo.

Taiping Zoo is currently home to more than 180 species of animals totalling - 1,300 individuals. These include Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Hornbills, Orang Utans and others. Furthermore, attempts to breed these animals have been very successful.
This has seen the proliferation of such animals like the Malaysian Tiger, Lion, Siamang, Deer, Nilgai, Night Heron and many others.

The Taiping Night Safari is a first of its kind in Malaysia. Bathed in lighting similar to moonlight, the beauty and splendour of nature is enhanced.
In an effort to maintain the experience of a natural environment, the Taiping Night Safari attempts to display nocturnal animals in natural looking settings. This provides the opportunity for visitors to appreciate and value the treasures of nature while enjoying oneself.



The Taiping Night Safari is a unique tourism product where animals which are active at night are displayed using special lighting similar to moonlight. Visitors will be able to experience this environment similar to wildlife habitats where the sounds made by numerous creatures can be heard. To fully appreciate this experience visitors are required to minimize all sounds, even speech so that the sounds of the night creatures can be heard. Reduced noise will also help to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the Night Safari. Torchlight and flash cameras are not allowed to be used in the Night Safari as this will disturb the animals on display.

1. Restaurant / Seminar Room
2. Public Toilet
3. Gorilla Exhibit
4. Proposed Primate Exhibit
5. Slow Loris
6. Chimpanzees
7. Brown Lemur
8. Ring Tailed Lemur
9. Siamang
10. White Handed Gibbon
11. Arapaima
12. Proposed Small Mammal Exhibit
13. Binturong
14. Serow
15. Sambar Deer
16. Wild Pig
17. Bearded Pig
18. Lesser Mousedeer
19 African Lion
20. Malaysia Porcupine
21. Asiatic Wild Dog / Red Dhole
22. Bawean Deer
23. Proposed Reptile Garden
24. Snake House
25. Small Mammals
26. Public Toilet
27. Central Recreation Area
28. Childrens Playground
29. Rabbits and Love Birds
30. Zoo Cafeteria
31. White Handed Gibbon
32. Cassowary
33. Asian Deer & Antelopes
34. African Savannah Exhibit
35. Aviaries
36. Aviaries
37. Budgerigar
38. Black Panther
39. Australian Fauna (ao Kangaroo, Emu)
40. Free Ranging Water Birds


Price Zoo Taiping Night Safari
  Adult Children Adult Children
  RM 16 RM 8 RM 20 RM 10

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  Ben van Wijnen



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