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Our country Malaysia consists of two separate parts: Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo. Between these parts lies the South China Sea. The capital is called Kuala Lumpur. A long name, but once you've said it a few times it's easy. You can also, as many people do: say 'KL'.
There is much to discover in our country. We have more amusement parks than in the Netherlands. And we have water parks, which are very large swimming pools with many slides, boats and so on. But there are also many animals, which you can visit: elephants, bears, Orang-utan Babies, sea turtles and many more.
And how about snorkeling above the clear water with colorful fish. You see: there is plenty to discover.

Finally it's almost time. You've been looking forward to it for a long time. At school you were thinking and daydreaming. How long had it been since Dad suggested, "Shall we take a long trip this year?"
Yes, of course, the whole family wanted that. Palm trees, beautiful sandy beach, lazing around, swimming and diving if you can. Ma also participated: "As long as it is a safe country and we can walk quietly on the street with the children. And we should also be able to eat well!"
Yes, everyone agreed. So they searched and searched. Many countries passed the table. Finally stayed Malaysia about. You can do everything there, it is safe and the weather is always good.
You could already see yourself standing at the McDonalds and ordering a Big Mac. Nice such a country, where there are so many McDonalds and KFCs. "Listen", said daddy "we also have to eat Getting to know Malaysia". He was right about that. He always loved it when something was taken from the Chinese restaurant. Satay, nasi.... delicious.
Father told about islands with palm trees, white sandy beach and crystal clear water. You could snorkel in the clear water and admire colorful fish, you could even learn to dive and see the underwater world with diving goggles. But there were also amusement parks and water parks.
You kept dreaming. If only it were so far.. .. A few more nights of sleep And then they would leave Zzzzzzz....

"I want to look at life underwater with goggles and snorkel. Isn't that a good idea? Who wouldn't want to watch the colorful fish floating above the coral in azure blue water? Oh yes, of course I have to put on flippers and then walk backwards from the white sandy beach into the water. That is much easier. And then when I'm deep enough, I turn around and swim. I swim fast with my flippers. I turn my head down to the coral and the fish watching. What a beautiful world!"

You can snorkel above sea turtles on the Perhentian and other islands. No encounter with marine life is guaranteed, but the chance of snorkeling with sea turtles is quite high.
Many hotels offer snorkelling trips to nearby coral reefs, where you can enjoy coral and see the special fish, which are found in between here hide, like the clownfish. You are absolutely not allowed to break off a coral and take it with you. That is forbidden, because it is a protected area. You could be fined hefty!

Which word can you read?

More people have been to the moon who have been to the deepest part of the ocean. More is known about space than our oceans, but our world is covered by over 70% of the water! Why should we, juniors of the planet, not snorkel or dive?
It is an escape from our terrestrial world to the underwater world. Diving itself is one of the safest adventure sports out there, allowing us to gain insight into a world that has barely been discovered. Few of us learn the skills of getting into the water to see sea creatures up close.
A diving school for us (kids) in clear blue water with colorful fish can be found at the Taaras hotel at the Island of Redang.

"I stood in line at the counter's "online redemption". So I didn't have to queue, because I had ordered an online ticket on the internet. I scanned the barcode on my mobile at the entrance turnstile and got my wristbands.
Some of the queues (Vuvuzela, Flying Fox) were an hour long, but we had no problem with that. We managed to try a few rides (tube slides, race mat slides, wave pool, roller coaster, flowrider).
They have many options for something to eat, but it was mainly mainly fries, pizza and burger. But also a few restaurants with local food. The prices are ok.
This water park consists of very surprising, fun activities. I also highly recommend a horror walkthrough, it was scary as hell."

Amusement parks can be found in abundance, especially in the big cities, because that's where you have audiences that come to them. Amusement parks in Malaysia have a mix of adventure, water games and roller coasters. Always bring your swimsuit.
The newest theme parks are Legoland, Hello Kitty (both in the south near Johor Bahru) and the Escape Theme Park on Penang. Hello Kitty is located inside, spread over several floors. For the smaller among us, it would get way too hot in the hot sun. The locals love Kitty. You see everything with "Kitty" on it: bags, diaries, watches etc.
With the other two new ones: enjoy the rides and bring your swimsuit!

People in Malaysia love children.
In the bigger cities, as well as in the smaller towns, you will always see playgrounds with equipment. Children love to play outside and friendships are easily made between children, regardless of the language they speak.

For the parents: there is a special page for you with parents information!


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